Millionaire losses reported for union protest

For a protest with “work to regulation” that the Union of United Maritime Workers (SOMU) launched on Friday, the Federation of Argentine Shipping Companies (FENA) came out to complain that the measure is “affecting 90% of the national fleet” and “it generates millionaire losses”.

The consequence of the measure, the Federation said, are “more than 70 ships stopped” that “in just one weekend produced millionaire losses on average of US $ 30,000 per ship”.

This also “causes a serious obstruction of the operation of domestic and foreign trade, affecting bulk cargo, containers, and the arrival and departure of tourists who move on cruises.”

In addition, he maintained that “there could be a total shortage of fuel and merchandise throughout the country” and that ships with flammable products are exposed to “dangers for the vessel, the crew and the surrounding facilities.”

The chamber argued that the conflict began due to salary discrepancies, after it had signed “wage recomposition agreements with all the unions in the sector except SOMU, which did not want to participate in the negotiations.”

As detailed, at the end of 2018 “a wage recomposition agreement was signed with six unions of 30% for the period April-December 2018, which would extend until March 2019.”

In addition, he stressed that on January 9 “agreed with the Center for Overseas Captains and Officers of the Merchant Marinera (CCUOMM) a salary recomposition for April 2018 – March 2019 of 45%” and “amendments were agreed to the collective agreement for reduce costs”.

On the other hand, the Chamber stressed that in the sector “there is no informality” and there are “salaries well above average, with salaries for sailors who are around $ 80,000.”